Raising the Level of Work Enthusiasm of Employees via Satisfaction Survey

Do you know what your employees think about at Monday morning? Do they want to return to pleasant work place and start solving important problems? Are they frightened of one more week of useless work performed for horrible chief starting frоm the Sunday night?


Usually, true answer is placed between these two statements, but it is very difficult to make any improvement without real facts.

Ideal place of employment is the place where person has some permissions and also has direction when it is necessary and where useless micromanagement is absent. Here employees feel that they make great contribution to important aims of company. Ideal place of employment provides such renumeration of labor that is able to satisfy employee and support his high level of loyalty to company in the long term.

If you don’t know the level of relation or enthusiasm of employees as for work, you are not able to improve current situation or increase work efficiency. Good relation or high level of enthusiasm provides better efficiency which leads to improved financial results. If employees are not satisfied with their work, they often miss it and do it badly.

You can learn about level of relation or enthusiasm of employees as for work by performing satisfaction survey. After that you’ll understand how employees fill themselves if they believe that their honest opinion will call appropriate results for the better. It is dangerous to perform satisfaction survey if you don’t make any changes after that where these changes are necessary. In this case the feeling of employees will become worse.

For example, one result of survey showed that your employees think that style of your management prevent them to work with high quality. Do you want to change style of your management and delegate authorities to subordinates?

If you are not ready to change something – polling will lead to time and cost loss. If you are ready to accept opinion of subordinates, survey can help your company to gain success and employees will work with enthusiasm.

Here are several questions which can tell much about satisfaction level of employees:

  1. Do you think that administration listens to your ideas as for better task fulfillment?

  2. Is there any noticeable relation between quality level of your work and size of your payment for labor?
  3. How often do you think that you are able to work better if administration will not get in your way?

  4. Do you believe that after receiving the task you also receive permissions as for its fulfillment?
  5. Do you believe that company encourages and rewards innovative and non-standard thinking?

  6. Is there enough acknowledgement programs for official acknowledgement of distinctive result of employees’ work?

Effective survey of satisfaction should not be very long for employees. It is enough to have 20-40 questions in questionnaire to finding out all necessary information. Types of questions may be different: they may have to variants for answer (“yes” and “know”) or scale composed of numbers from 1 to 5 (5 means full agreement and 1 means full disagreement with given statement). In any case after making a survey you should gather all results and enter them to database which allows to analyze results and transform them to bar charts or any other kind of charts to simplify understanding of results.

When you have analyzed the results of survey, you should immediately give response information to employees. Otherwise, they will think that nobody thinks that their opinions have any importance, and as a result, this will make the things worse.



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