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Nowadays one of the most popular Content Management Systems (CMS) – is WordPress. It is an open source CMS, which allows web masters to adjust the code of all elements of the site. And the numerous widgets do all coding job for people, so it doesn’t require excellent programming skills. Usually it is used to build blogs, but very often people create corporate web sites based on WordPress as well. Its plugin architecture makes this CMS the best tool to create a professional web resource.

If you have created a WordPress site and now want to embed a contact form or any other web form in it, you may use PHPForms.net service to build a customized WordPress contact form that will suit your web resource. Let’s consider the process of contact form integration in WordPress site.

How to embed code of contact form into your WordPress site:

1. If you want to embed a code of the web form which you have built with the help of PHPForms.net in your site, firstly you should go to ‘Forms’ page in your PHPForms account, then select in the list the web form you want to embed, and click ‘Get code’ link. In this example we choose ‘Contact us’ form.

Get Code
2. You will see a window where you will be offered two ways to add form into your site. We are interested in second variant, because we want this form to become a part of our site. So we copy the code in the second field.

Code in Iframe

3. Now we go to admin page of our WordPress site and in the admin menu find ‘Pages‘ item or ‘Posts‘ item, click it and then in drop down list choose ‘Add New‘.

Add Page in WordPress


4. Let’s create a “Contact us” page where users will be able to leave their message to site administration by filling in our contact form. At first we write the name of the page, and then in the text area write some text describing this page and its purpose. And then go to HTML mode and paste the code of the wordpress contact form.







5. Now, when we filled in all necessary fields, we may publish a new contact-us-page in our web site.

Publish WordPress Page

6. Now, when the contact page is published, we can preview it by clicking ‘View Page‘ link.

View Page

7. And we’ve got the following result: at the top there is a name of the page, then there is a text describing it, and finally in the end of the page there’s our WordPress contact form, which we have built in PHPForms.net. In the bottom of the page you can see the “Edit” button, if you decided to change something on this page, you can do that by clicking this link.
WordPress Contact Form

8. Then if you want to save the changes after editing the content of the page, instead of ‘Publish‘ button there will be ‘Update‘ one. Click it and the page will be updated.
Update WordPress Page


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