What can employees tell about?

What can employees tell about?Often paradoxical situation takes place in business: companies order expensive marketing research instead of referring to more available sources.

You can receive the estimation of your company’s work first of all from your clients. Your suppliers and partners are the best counteragents who are able to formulate requirements as for logistic system and estimation of current situation in this area. Also a very good source of information is your employees.

If company manufactures and sells building materials, specialists of sales department fix claims of clients as for production, wishes as for optimization of conditions of supplying etc. This information may be very useful for logistic and manufacturing departments. Practically, this information often even doesn’t go to marketing department.

We often meet responders that don’t give honest answers, refuse to participate in pooling etc. At the same time not only mentioned people take part in pooling, but also direct competitors, ex-clients refused to collaborate with company, experts of different areas and many other people. Just try and see a result!

Of course, opinion of each expert is quite subjective. Your employees will tell their point of view based on personal experience, preferences and interests. Nevertheless, just this kind of opinion often allows to add a range of bright and important details to statistically reliable research results or get another side of question interesting for you.

For example, while estimating management system of one publishing company, the most interesting information was received in the place where people like to rest and to talk. It is special place for smoking.

So, tools for information gathering are very different: interviews, group discussions, on-line pooling, monitoring, situation modeling (for example, visit of customer), timekeeping of action performance and many others. Also you can add combinations of these methods to this list. You can get required information using job application form or another survey tool. What tool will be the best one just for you?

If company is quite closed and employees don’t want to tell their opinions because they are afraid of victimization from administration, pooling with the help of web forms are the best choice. It is very important to write some message containing pooling goals and show data received after pooling is over. In such case employees will be sure that administration received data from the whole company.

If company is opened, employees usually talk about all problems and tell their opinion. In this case you can perform discussion with a group of employees and prepare short report about its results after that.

Sometimes there is no necessity in gathering of important information. It is enough simply to get ready one. In departments and services there is often a large amount of primary data that is not handled, not analyzed and not used in work.

Often there is a lack of skilled workers at manufacturing enterprises. General director often gives task to HR department to find out its reason. HR managers suggest to perform monitoring of labor market for estimating level of labor payment of manufacturing workers relative to middle level at this city. The alternative decision is to buy review of labor payments in specialized company.

At the same time HR managers record reasons of employees’ dismissal during several years. Analysis of these data showed that main reason of dismissal is bad working conditions. So, evident way of keeping of workers is equipment of suitable locker-rooms and shower cubicles, arrangement of feeding for night shifts etc.

So, we can conclude that proper company’s experience was simpler, cheaper and allowed to find economically effective decisions of arisen problem.

It is important to pay enough attention to signs sent by our nearest neighborhood. The best choice for company is primary gathering of information followed by constant monitoring of its activity, requests of its employees etc. It doesn’t require additional costs and allows to save money and resources at the expense of optimal organization of work and retention of staff.



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