Useful Tips for E-mail Marketer

1. Segment mailing list

By using information received from users while registration or subscribing to mailing, you can divide your mailing base into several lists and make your mailing more directed. Mailing is very effective if mailing topic fully fits needs of concrete address.


2. Personalize your letters

Personalizing is an obligatory step. That’s why we advise you to ask subscriber’s name when he subscribes to mailing. Reader will trust more to personalized letter and it will attract his attention.


3. Use qualitative graphics and formatting

Low-quality design and bad text formatting antagonize readers. It is difficult for them to orientate in the letter and find necessary information. That’s why this letter is likely to be closed or readers even may press the “Notify about SPAM” button. That’s why this question is very important, and it is necessary to test sent letter in different post programs and services.

4. Prepare your letter for the “Incoming” folder

Your letter must differ from other ones in “Incoming” folder. Add name of your company into the “From” field for more recognizability. Create your letter in the way that avoids containing images in letter’s header. In this case when image displaying is switched off, letter will have bad appearance at once. Your letter’s header must be a mirror of all text. Use such font and colors in the letter which stand out sharply against graphic background. Also it is good to place the most important information in letter’s header, such as special offers, links etc. to make them stand out while preliminary letter preview. You have only a few seconds to arouse reader’s interest and attract him when he starts sorting his correspondence.


5. Create qualitative mailing list

List’s size is very important but don’t try to increase it by all means. Do it with balance and don’t forget to filter mailing list before mailing.


6. Focus on your aim

You cannot estimate effectiveness of your mailing only on the base of data concerning amount of opened letters and link pressing. Analyze mailing effectiveness based on data concerning sales growth, increment of download amount etc.


7. Awake your subscribers’ interest

If your letters simply suggest to buy some good, they are not interesting for readers. It is important to provide qualitative and interest information.


8. Automatize the process

Email marketing consists not only of letter preparation and mail sending itself. This process is rather labor-consuming and requires automation. It is necessary to use programs for management and edition of mailing lists, for mailing deliverance and estimation of its effectiveness. Usually these programs have low cost, suitable interface and are easy use.


9. Assign enough resources

Many companies start using email marketing only because it is cheaper than direct post mailing. But it is necessary to remember that there is a significant difference between email marketing and direct post mailing. That’s why it is very important to calculate budget, analyze time and financial costs, organize work right before starting email marketing company.


10. Ignorance of the law is no excuse

Nowadays SPAMming is criminal offence. That’s why it is important to be very careful.


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