Survey Fields – Create Surveys and Polls with PHPForms

Ladies and gentlemen, we are pleased to announce new features added to PHPForms hosted version:

Survey Fields

Using survey fields in your forms you can create any complicated surveys and polls that you probably could only dream of!

  • Star rating — users can vote with stars (you can set up to 16 stars per field);


  • Slider — allows to set a numerical value within a specified data span;


  • Range — enables users to select a numeric limit (from… to…) ;


  • Matrix — the field consists of rows and columns with selectable input type (radio button, checkbox button, text box, select box);


  • Scale rating — users can vote within a scale consisting of buttons (up to 16);

Scale rating

  • Grading — allows to input rate limited to a specified value;


  • Spinner — lets users select field value within a specified range using ‘up’ and ‘down’ controls.




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