Sales Stimulation: 5 Marketing Tricks

Today we’ll tell you about some marketing actions and tricks used for sales stimulation:

Sales Stimulation



It is necessary to ask client’s email address while ordering. For this you can add the email address field to php order form and make it obligatory for filling. Further address will become the main way of communication with client. Also it is recommended to get client’s phone number.


Almost all payment methods may be divided into instant ones and those that require some time for payment handling. The first group of methods include payments via credit card, Webmoney, Yandex money and other Internet currencies. The second group of methods include payments on clearing basis, via bank departments and post departments, and other variants. In both cases we advice you to send a letter with bill copy and instructions for payment performance to clients. It will be an excellent reminding to client about his expectations if he didn’t pay at once. It is recommended to send this letter to client in the first case, and it is obligatory to do it in the second case.


If client didn’t pay a bill during 3 days, it is necessary to send him letter reminding about the payment. Further you can send such letter in a week. If you don’t have many orders at this stage or order costs are high, an excellent variant is call the clients. It is a very effective method. You can influence on client and incite him to pay through personal communication. Sometimes clients even apologize for delay of payment. On-line goods’ sale has some particularities. Some people afraid to buy online because they think that they will not receive this good or company doesn’t exist any longer. In this case phone call is method which can incite them to order.


If client payed for his order, it is good to make him a regular client. You can send him thanks for the order and suggest him discount for further purchases.


If you have email addresses of clients and persons who ordered something but didn’t pay, you can create periodically mailing about appearance of new goods, cost changes and special offers. It is a good way of reminding about yourself.


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