Recent Updates from PHPForms Hosted Service

We have come up with some pleasing improvements for a more handy usage of web forms you create via our free hosted PHPForms service. You can check out how they work in your forms right now from a free account!

1. Options in radio buttons, select boxes, check boxes:

Field value is assigned the same name as a label name by default in element properties.

Field value

To give it a different name, select ‘Show values’ and enter desired value name.

Show values

2. Date indexes:

Month, day and year indexes (MM DD YYYY) are placed under relevant fields.


3. Tab order in form fields:

When you jump to another form field in your saved form by using ‘TAB’ button the targetted field is highlited.

Tab order

4. Editing field labels:

You can change a field label in the form builder by simply double-clicking the existing label and entering desired name (works in all standard fields and additional elements except for text field and phone). You also can go to element properties to do that.



5. Changing element properties:

All changes you make in element properties can be seen immediately in the form builder area.



Your PHPForms Team.


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