Now PHPForms Hosted Plan is Free of Charge!

PHPForms Hosted Plan is Free

PHPForms. What is this?
PHPForms is a software for web form creation. You are not required to have special programming skills: just drag the elements you like and drop them to your future form.



Free Hosted Plan has been recently released by PHPForms. It is UNLIMITED in time for all registered users, and they don’t even have to install PHPForms on their server. All you have to do is register at and  design your own forms in the forms builder area. Log in and create new forms and manage them FREE OF CHARGE.

You can create online forms such as:

And moreover, PHPForms menu offers you different useful Themes to mark up your forms and make them unique. You can use our ready Themes, or design your own one in our multiple toolkit. There you can have custom logo, font, background and configure its shape with the help of uploaded CSS file.

If you don’t have special programming skills, it is a great chance for you to design the web form you want easily and quickly. Our team tries its best to release Extended Hosted Plan in the nearest future.

Enjoy it!


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3 Responses to Now PHPForms Hosted Plan is Free of Charge!

  1. jude ike says:

    i deeply appreciate you a lot

  2. Alex Warren says:

    the most critical part of your website is creating form i am glad that i found you through linkadin

  3. ashenafi says:

    honestly i understand that PHP has the power to…. am very happy to use it even for my personal website.

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