How to Increase Sales of Software

How to Increase Sales of Software
This article is devoted to sales and promotion of software. Sales and promotion of software is analogical with sales and promotion of any other good in the Internet.

When potential client loads software we ask his email address by default. It means that input of email address to email forms is not obligatory, but the majority of users input it. If we have person’s address, we can disturb him after some time and remind him about the opportunity of software download, and send him links for software payment. So, we keep constant connection with client and stimulate him to some actions.

Format of reminding may be different. You can send it after 24 hours or after week from software download or twice. You can remind until client will buy software or unsubscribe to mailing. Here you can choose mailing frequency yourself.

Also you can at once include user to list of regular newsletters and report him about the release of new software version and special offers.

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Email Marketing vs SPAM. What is the Difference?

Many people constantly mix concepts of SPAM and email marketing. Some people think they are the same and consider email marketing as SPAM. Now we’ll explain the difference.

Emaiil Marketing vs Spam

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Email Marketing: Typical Mistakes of Effectiveness Estimation

Typical Mistakes of Effectiveness Estimation
The first thing we pay attention to while evaluating the effectiveness of email marketing is amount of delivered messages. The difference between amount of sent messages and amount of messages that didn’t find addressee and returned with an error. But it is not 100% true because the amount of letters that were deleted at once or blocked by SPAM filters are not taken into account. Such letters also should not be considered as delivered ones.

The second thing we pay attention to is amount of users who unsubscribe (refuse) to mailing. And if this amount is small, email company is considered to be rather successful. But it is also a delusion. Not all users who want to unsubscribe click the link to refuse getting the newsletters.

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How Well do You Know Your Clients?

How well do you know your clients?

Let’s discuss some kind of business. For example, let it be the coffee house. Why do some businessmen come to ruin quickly and others prosper? Maybe, the reason is the location of this house, or internal atmosphere, or qualitative coffee and excellent service. It is all – is a set of factors having influence on success of your business. But the main key to success is your clients. Unsuccessful business has no clients. Prosper business has large amount of clients.

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20 Tips for Creating HTML Email Newsletters

Creation of HTML mail template is one of the most important moments in preparation of advertising mailing. Your message must have good appearance in different browsers and email clients which may have different system for HTML and CSS handling.

HTML Email Newsletters

HTML letter with good formatting will bring better result than the usual text format. But if letter is damaged, unreadable and non-functional, there will be no response because filters and triggers may block it.

That’s why we suggest you 20 advices to avoid the most wide-spread mistakes while email templates creation.

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Useful Tips for E-mail Marketer

1. Segment mailing list

By using information received from users while registration or subscribing to mailing, you can divide your mailing base into several lists and make your mailing more directed. Mailing is very effective if mailing topic fully fits needs of concrete address.


2. Personalize your letters

Personalizing is an obligatory step. That’s why we advise you to ask subscriber’s name when he subscribes to mailing. Reader will trust more to personalized letter and it will attract his attention.


3. Use qualitative graphics and formatting

Low-quality design and bad text formatting antagonize readers. It is difficult for them to orientate in the letter and find necessary information. That’s why this letter is likely to be closed or readers even may press the “Notify about SPAM” button. That’s why this question is very important, and it is necessary to test sent letter in different post programs and services.
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10 Advices for Increment of Email Marketing Effectiveness

Here are some advices that will help you to organize effective mailing. Some of them are evident, some of them can help you to simplify work, some of them will bring you success. But we recommend you to follow these advices. In opposite case you won’t get positive results in email marketing.
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Email Marketing is Not SPAM but Tool for Business Development

Nowadays email marketing is considered to be one of the most effective tools of business development, sales support and keeping of direct contact with clients. It may be news for many of our readers what email marketings is; many people simply confuse it with SPAM (undesired mailing).

SPAM is obsessive useless mailing advertising of some sites, goods or services. User is not able to unsubscribe it, and it is very difficult to detect it because SPAMers often falsify names of senders. SPAM is sent to users who didn’t agree to receive this correspondence – and this fact is its main difference from email marketing.

Maybe, many people even don’t think about it, but SPAM surrounds us in day-to-day life. How often do you find advertising newspapers, booklets and brochures while checking your mail box? It’s also SPAM, and you didn’t agree to receive it. And the same advertising newspapers place program schedule of TV channels for calling some interest and avoiding irritation.

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Introduction to Email Marketing

Email marketing is when you use emails in marketing purpose.

Email marketing implies sending messages to clients, potential clients or particular society. In general, there are 3 forms of marketing:

  • sending email messages to attract new clients or to convince existing clients to buy your product again;
  • sending email messages in order to improve client’s loyalty (so-called retention advertisement);
  • placing advertising information in letters sent by other people.

e-mail marketing

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Raising the Level of Work Enthusiasm of Employees via Satisfaction Survey

Do you know what your employees think about at Monday morning? Do they want to return to pleasant work place and start solving important problems? Are they frightened of one more week of useless work performed for horrible chief starting frоm the Sunday night?


Usually, true answer is placed between these two statements, but it is very difficult to make any improvement without real facts.

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Staff Satisfaction Survey: Prosperity Index of Company

Staff Satisfaction SurveyInvestigation carried out by staff survey explore relation of staff to guidelines, rules and values accepted in company. If you detect and eradicate concrete reasons of staff dissatisfaction, administration may raise labor effectiveness without additional costs.

From small to large

Survey helps to solve both categorical problems (for example, concerning psychological climate in team) and global ones. Some companies can even build company’s mission and its strategic goals based on data received by survey. Survey may be used for detection of wide range of problems of the company connected with its development. They may be connected with change of company’s structure and management system, payment for labor, organization of education and work with candidates pool. It is suitable to build plans for activities of human resources management based on surveying results. Their activity becomes more adjusted because it is based on fixed data expressed in numbers and facts.

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What can employees tell about?

What can employees tell about?Often paradoxical situation takes place in business: companies order expensive marketing research instead of referring to more available sources.

You can receive the estimation of your company’s work first of all from your clients. Your suppliers and partners are the best counteragents who are able to formulate requirements as for logistic system and estimation of current situation in this area. Also a very good source of information is your employees.

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Job Application Form Online

Job application form is very important for proper staff selection. Why is it so?

Job Application Form

If employer doesn’t use job application form, he places advertisement at some web sites or newspapers and receives CVs of the candidates. The fact that CVs are created in free form means that employer may receive great amount of information without getting the facts that he is really interested in. Besides, it is very difficult to compare such CVs when selecting right candidate for some position.

Job application form is aimed just for solving these problems. Employer creates it by creating the fields with certain questions. In this way he clears up information which is interesting just for him.

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Some More Nuances as for Modern Web Forms

We percept the surrounding world mostly by eyes. That’s why visual design is very important when you create web applications’ front-ends. Some modern web designers like to place large amount of cool bells and whistles instead of standard interface elements. This article is devoted to typical mistakes in web form design and some secrets of right interface creation. The right interface is such kind of interface which reliably increases conversion and provides subjective convenience for users.

Modern Web Forms

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