PartyHitz Radio to Receive Online Song Requests via PHPForms

PartyHitz Radio to Receive Online Song Requests via PHPForms
Last week we were contacted by guys from PartyHitz Radio, a popular Internet radio with Australian background. After considerable research they luckily discovered PHP Forms that turned out to be a perfect solution for their projectible online service called Song Request.

We gladly provided PartyHitz Radio Team with our software and all-round support. This was such an exciting experience that they decided to let the world know about it! That’s what PHPForms’s first time on the air sounds like:

The reason we went to you guys is because after reading your website you
are the best at what you do. Thank you!

Grant Rnb
A leading Partner of PartyHitz Radio Australia

We are grateful to our new partners and wish them success!


PartyHitz Radio was founded in April, 2009 by GrantRnb and Jason Izolt. PartyHitz Radio provides a 24/7, LIVE broadcast of today’s Hottest Top 40, Hip Hop and Dance music along with some of the most memorable songs of the 80′s and 90′s mixed in for your entertainment.


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