Email Marketing – Not Everything is Evident

Email Marketing - Not Everything is Evident
Here are some interesting facts got from analysis of newsletters.

Richard Clayton, the employee of computer laboratory of Cambridge University, found out the relationship between email name and amount of SPAM coming to it. During investigation Clayton determined that email addresses beginning with first letters of alphabet are more often target for SPAM than the ones beginning with letters standing at the end of alphabet.

Having analyzed received results and the journal of email transmission of users of one of the biggest British Internet providers “Demon Internet”, specialists determined the SPAM volume in mail boxes of users having addresses beginning with “A” may reach 35%.

At the same time in mail boxes with addresses beginning with “Z” SPAM volume is about 20%.

The most evident reason is that while mailing, letters are sent to addressees according to alphabet. At certain moment mailing may be interrupted, and addressees from the end of list will not receive letters.

Here is one more interesting fact. Group of scientists from Leipzig University determined relationship between person’s character and name of his email address.

Also scientists established that Internet users often conclude about person’s character by his email address.

During the investigation scientists collected 600 email addresses of persons who passed test of personal characteristics. After that group of students tried to estimate how the name of email address seemed neurotic, open, agreeable, narcisstic or extroverted.

When study was over, it emerged that students transferred estimation of email box names to their owners. For example, they supposed that owners of email address names containing such words as little, sweet or bunny turned out to be more contact and sociable but more inclined to neurosis. At the same time owners of email names containing words thebest or king considered to be egoistic.

Tellingly, specialists confirmed that in the majority of cases students were right while detecting personal characteristics. They only were unable to determine whether person is extrovert or not. While choosing name for email box person indicates some information about himself.


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