Job Application Form Online

Job application form is very important for proper staff selection. Why is it so?

Job Application Form

If employer doesn’t use job application form, he places advertisement at some web sites or newspapers and receives CVs of the candidates. The fact that CVs are created in free form means that employer may receive great amount of information without getting the facts that he is really interested in. Besides, it is very difficult to compare such CVs when selecting right candidate for some position.

Job application form is aimed just for solving these problems. Employer creates it by creating the fields with certain questions. In this way he clears up information which is interesting just for him.

Job application forms may contain the following data:

  • personal data (first name, last name, age, sex, marital status, criminal records etc.)

  • contact data (phone number, email address, number or name in the messengers, like ICQ, Skype etc.)
  • professional skills. This block varies depending on position. For example, for web programmer we need information about skills in PHP, HTML, CSS etc.

  • education (college, university or institute, faculty, form of education (full-time or part-time), years of studying, qualification and specialty).

  • history of employment (name of organization, position, time of working)

Some of these fields are for text input (such as name), others may have drop-down menu containing variants for selection (for example, variants of marital status: single, married, divorced).

Also it is useful to have file upload fields, for example, for attaching examples of previous projects (for designers, programmers etc.).

PHPForms will help you to make it all in a few clicks.

Let’s create a simple job application form online using For example, we are looking for right person for the position of a web developer.

First of all give it a name: “Job Application Form”. After that, add text fields: First Name, Last Name and specify “Letters only” in Validation rules of Element Properties (of course, real human names don’t contain numbers or special characters, such as #, &, $ and so on).

Name Field

After that, let’s add fields into contact data: Phone number and Email.

For Phone number there is a special field type. Let’s choose it from Additional elements. It is called ‘Phone’. In Element properties you can choose desired format of phone number input.

Phone Number

Field for Email is a simple Text field, like First name or Last name. The only difference is that you should choose the E-mail item in Validation rules. It is similar to the creation of PHP contact form.

Email Field

Let’s save your form. Just click Save button placed under the form field.

Save your form

After that, the following message will appear:

Save Message

Now, let’s create field for candidate’s skills specification. For this we can create check box where candidate will put ticks near the skills that he or she has.

Choose the Check Boxes item in Standard fields.

Check Box

After that, go to Element properties and give a name to this field. Also you can see here the item called Predefined list.

Professional Skills

Predefined list contains items to choose. In our case it will contain listed skills. Let’s create our predefined list. For this you should go to Admin settings by clicking appropriate button above form field. If you wish, you can open it in new tab or window. For this you should click it by right mouse button and choose appropriate item in drop-down menu.

Admin Settings

After clicking you’ll see the following:

Predefined Lists

To create a new list, click New list button:

New List

And you’ll see the following:

New list open

Here are the following items:

  • List Name – here you write name of your predefined list

  • Add items – here you define number of items. There are two links near it: Add list upwards and Add list downwards. It allows to add new items above or under existing items, respectively.
  • Title – name of item (displayed to user)
  • Value – value of item (sent to server while form submission)

Buttons + and are aimed for adding or deleting appropriate item.

After filling out, our predefined lists will look like this:

Skills List

We wrote the same in Title and Value because our items are descriptive and cannot have exact values (these skills either present or absent).

Save your predefined list and go back to your form.

Choose Skills item in Predefined lists drop-down menu and click Apply button:

List drop down

After that, let’s create a field where job candidate will enter his or her experience in programming in years.

For this purpose we suggest you to choose Select box item in Add field.

Select Box

This type of fields also requires Predefined list. So create it the same way you created Professional skills.

When you add the items this time the information in fields may differ. We write words as a title and numbers as a value. We do this because people like words more, and for computer systems it is easier to handle numbers.

Work Experience

Finally, this field will look like this:

Programming Experience

Then let’s add a field where candidate will load examples of his or her previous projects. File upload type of field exactly suits these needs.

Here you can define maximum size of attached file and specify allowed extensions of uploaded files (several extensions must be divided by spaces). Here is the example of such element’s properties:

File Upload size

Then let’s add a field where candidate will specify desired size of salary. It will be a text field, and in Validation rules you can choose no items because some people like to write value range, others prefer to indicate minimum size. Also there may be junior developers whose main aim is not a size of salary but gaining the experience. So, in this field they can write “doesn’t matter”.


Of course, employer wants to know when candidate is able to start working. We can add special field for it.

Choose Date item in Additional elements. In Element properties give a name to this field and desired date format (in drop-down list):

Date Format

In Time Format field we choose the item no (because this information is not applicable in our case):

Time Format

The last field we add is field for cover letter where candidate is able to write any additional information at his own discretion.

For this we choose Text Area in Standard fields. The properties of this element are similar to properties of text fields (First Name, Last Name etc.).

Now our form has 10 fields. Let’s decide which of them will be required ones. For example, we choose First Name, Last Name, Email, Professional Skills and Where can you start. Go to properties of each element and put the tick near the items.


Now it is time to preview our form. For this you should click­ Preview button placed under the form.

Here is what you’ll see after clicking this button. Required fields are marked by red asterisks:

You see that our form is rather long. We had to decrease font size to fit the whole form into one screenshot.

We suggest to divide the form into several pages. For example, first page will contain personal and contact data, the second one – information about skills and work experience, and the third one – expectations from future work.

There is an element called Page Break. Its button is located under Additional elements. To create a page break you just need to drag and drop this element to necessary place in the field of your form. After that you form looks like this:

Page Break

Create second page break in the same way.

Now you can preview the form. It consists of three pages. Here is the appearance of the first page of the form:

Multi Page

It is much more pretty, isn’t it?

That’s all! Your application form is ready to be integrated into your site!



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