Introduction to Email Marketing

Email marketing is when you use emails in marketing purpose.

Email marketing implies sending messages to clients, potential clients or particular society. In general, there are 3 forms of marketing:

  • sending email messages to attract new clients or to convince existing clients to buy your product again;
  • sending email messages in order to improve client’s loyalty (so-called retention advertisement);
  • placing advertising information in letters sent by other people.

e-mail marketing

These forms are almost equivalent to other non-email marketing methods:

  • selling goods via post;
  • sending advertising booklets, magazines and newspapers;
  • placing ads in magazines and newspapers.

But there is one significant difference that will be discussed later.


Why is email marketing so popular?

Email marketing is so popular because:

  • sending email is rather cheaper than other forms of communication;
  • email delivers information directly to the clients and they don’t need visit our site;
  • email marketing turned out to be very successful if it is used properly.

Let’s briefly review three types of email marketing:


1. Direct email marketing

Email marketing includes sending promotional messages via email. For example, it may be announcement about special offer. By sending messages to your clients you can encourage them to order some goods or services again. You can sort your base of email addresses, for example, by geographic location of email addresses.


2. Retention email

You can use email sending to keep constant clients instead of direct email marketing which is used for encouraging clients to perform some actions. These usually take the form of regular emails known as newsletters. This information may contain promotional messages, advertisements, but at the same time its aim is development of long-term relations with reader. That’s why these letters should contain not commercial information only, but also some useful and entertaining information for reader.


3. Ads in emails of other people

You can find newsletters created by other people and pay them money for placing your ads there instead of creation of your own newsletters. Indeed there is a large amount of newsletters created just for this purpose – to sell advertising space.

It sounds really great. Just imagine how cheaper it is to send thousands of email messages than thousand of post letters.

But really it isn’t very simple. It is rather difficult at all stages from developing the letter itself to sending messages to target audience. Also you should encourage addressees to read your messages and perform actions. For this it is necessary to measure and analyze mailing results. And the most important moment promised to be described below is problem of lawfulness, problem of allowance (problem of SPAM).

Responsible email marketing is based on idea of allowance. It is a complex problem and topic of intense debates in marketing society.

Of course, you should receive allowance of email address owner before you start sending him commerce email letters. If you don’t have such allowance, receivers of your letters may consider your message to be SPAM.

If you are caught in SPAM mailing, your email address may be closed, your site may be added to black list or closed at all. All these things may have significant influence on your reputation. In some countries you can even break some law. So, you should receive allowance from person to send him messages.

It is important to remember that everybody working with email marketing should pay attention to aspects of allowance and SPAM. If you don’t understand importance of these moments, you will go bankrupt.



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