Humor about Email Marketing

In this article you will find some jokes about email marketing.Marketing Humor

If Internet would have been in ancient Rome:

  • The most browsered video would have been a record of volcanic eruption in Pompeii in 79 B.C.;
  • Atilla would have his own page in Facebook and everybody would agree to become his friend;

  • The domain would have been sold for record sum of millions of denarius;
  • The most popular query in Google would have been “Naked Cleopatra”;

  • Roman companies would place orders for cheap Mesopotamian outsourcers.


If Santa Claus was marketing specialist:

  • You wouldn’t have received Christmas gift before confirming the wish to receive it;
  • Evey gift would have been packed twice. External package would be colorful, and internal one – white with text;
  • Santa Claus would not need much time to find out the best time for gifts sending;
  • Coefficient of gift opening would be 100% independent from its quality;

  • Nobody would complain about undesired gift.


Email marketing in 2029:

  • Trigger technology will have been developed at so high level that you will receive messages before performing some act according to trigger;
  • Everything is so much integrated that you receive text notification on mobile phone that it is necessary to check your mail because a new message appeared on your Facebook wall about new message in message chat from your friend where he tells that have lost your phone number;
  • AntiSPAM protection will ask you to solve Sudoku puzzle during 60 seconds for confirmation that you are not a robot;
  • Web 8.0 will be based on content created by intelligent robots;

  • Updated Yahoo Live Gmail service sends to SPAM all letters that are not signed by certificate from Yahoo Live Gmail.


We hope you had fun!



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