How Well do You Know Your Clients?

How well do you know your clients?

Let’s discuss some kind of business. For example, let it be the coffee house. Why do some businessmen come to ruin quickly and others prosper? Maybe, the reason is the location of this house, or internal atmosphere, or qualitative coffee and excellent service. It is all – is a set of factors having influence on success of your business. But the main key to success is your clients. Unsuccessful business has no clients. Prosper business has large amount of clients.

But are all clients the same? Of course, they are not. Some people come to drink coffee espresso. Some people may become your regular clients, some people will come there because of atmosphere. There will be several men who come to buy coffee beans. At last, maybe this imaginable coffee house has the best Viennese coffee in the city or very tasty cakes. Why is this question asked? It is asked because knowing your clients is the main thing in any online and offline business.

Many marketing specialists make same mistake. They try to attract as many people as possible and turn them into clients. It’s a pity, but this way is not the most effective.

For the first, let’s define who regular clients are and after that we’ll start to attract them.

When you start Internet business, statistics gathering becomes more and more significant. Visit amount, costs for client attraction and other coefficients are macroactions. But also there are many microactions.

For example, in email marketing first of all person receives letter at his email address. After that he pays attention at the field “From” of this message and decides whether this letter will be opened or deleted. Then addressee reads several first lines or the whole message. Some people read the letter several times, some people click the link in the message, others input domain address manually when visiting the site next time. Other important information is devoted to pages which your clients visit most often and amount of time spent at site. These are microactions that influence on macroactions.

It is very important to gather and analyze this information. For example, people who subscribe to post mailing usually buy more and prefer more expensive goods. People who prefer receiving information via email differ from ones who like to serf Internet and read everything at site. That’s why different people require different approach and different methods.


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