How to send personal confirmation emails


In this blog post I’ll show you how to write personal confirmation emails (some people call this feature autoresponder).

Let’s use our contact form as the example.

Step 1. Setup confirmation email text

Click Settings button of your form in the forms list.


Click Confirmation Email tab. Ok, now you are in the confirmation email settings. There is a lot of different fields, I’ll explain what each field means:

  • Email to - select email field who confirmation email need to be sent to.
  • Sender Name – type here the name that you would like to be shown to your recipient.
  • Sender Email - email that recipient will see. I recommend you to remain it as , because some SPAM blockers may put it in SPAM box if you change it to another e-mail and your client will not receive it.
  • Reply to – who will receive email, when your client clicks reply button
  • Email subject – subject of your confirmation email. You can use here form field tags.
  • Immediately/Delay  - when confirmation e-mail need to be sent? Right after the client hits submit button or wait for some time? You can choose such option here
  • Default message/Custom message – this is the most important field! Type here your email message. To make your message more personal use tags from the right side.


Here is how my settings look like:


Don’t forget to click Save button! Or you’ll lose all your settings!


Step 2. Test it.

Let’s test it. Here is what I’ve got in my mailbox after clicking submit button on my form:


Not much job, right? But your clients will be happy to see their names in emails.


Got any questions? Feel free to post comments here, I would be happy to help you.



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