How to send email notifications to more than one person

Note: This is my first post and I would be happy to hear your feedback!

So you need to send multiple email notifications to more than one person based on a specific field selected by a visitor in a contact form on your web site.

Here is my example of how these notifications will be sent depending on the question type selected in the form:

General requests will go to
Bug issues will go to
Sales requests will go to

The solution

Use our powerful solution to send email notifications. I’ve written 5 steps guide how to do this. Let’s start!


Step 1. Create fields

Let’s create “Question type” using radio button field type in Form Builder:

Don’t forget to click on the Save button.

Step 2. Set notification rule #1

Now let’s go to our Contact form settings. Click on Settings button of your form in the forms list page:

Click on Add notification button:

Now add the 1st rule. Let’s send email to if “General” question type has been selected. Fill in the “Email to” field and click at “Add condition” button. This is how your “Email to” box should look like:

Let’s add custom text to this email notification. Select “Custom message” and drag desired fields from Tags box in the left side to the message text:

Tip: Use Shift+Enter buttons to have small distance between lines of text.

Click on the Save rule button.

Congratulations! You’ve just created your first field rule!


Step 3. Set rule #2

Now let’s add 2nd rule: send email to if “Bugs” question type has been selected. Click on “Add notification” button again and fill-in fields like you did it with the first notification rule:

Don’t forget to click on Save rule button!


Step 4. Set rule #3

3rd rule. Send email to if “Sales” question type has been selected. I hope you know how to add notification rules already and I do not need to show you screenshots again.

Note: Yepp, all sales questions are usually go to sexygirls in our company ;)


Step 5. Test drive!

Ok now let’s test drive it! Click on View button in the forms list, fill in the form and check if you’ve got your notification email.


This is how mine looks like:

Note: By clicking on reply in your mailbox you’ll reply directly to the person who submitted the form. In my case –  if I click on reply I’ll reply myself at my mailbox.


Thanks for reading! Feel free to post comments here if you have any questions.
In the next blog post I’ll write about “How to add personal confirmation emails to your form”.

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