How to Increase Sales of Software

How to Increase Sales of Software
This article is devoted to sales and promotion of software. Sales and promotion of software is analogical with sales and promotion of any other good in the Internet.

When potential client loads software we ask his email address by default. It means that input of email address to email forms is not obligatory, but the majority of users input it. If we have person’s address, we can disturb him after some time and remind him about the opportunity of software download, and send him links for software payment. So, we keep constant connection with client and stimulate him to some actions.

Format of reminding may be different. You can send it after 24 hours or after week from software download or twice. You can remind until client will buy software or unsubscribe to mailing. Here you can choose mailing frequency yourself.

Also you can at once include user to list of regular newsletters and report him about the release of new software version and special offers.

In general, all these actions give good results because not every person remembers what and when he downloaded.

If you have client’s email address, you can constantly keep connection with him and tell him news of your company. The most optimal format is sending weekly newsletters. It is not good to disturb client frequently, you can irritate him a lot. Also you shouldn’t create senseless mailings that won’t be not interesting to people. Don’t disturb them very often.

Also it is very important to paste the link for unsubscribing from newsletters into every letter!


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