Global Facts About E-mail Newsletters

In this article we offer you the most interesting facts about email newsletters. Some of these figures surprise, some of them delight, and some of them disappoint:

  • About 11,2% of letters are opened by receivers; decrement in relation to the last year is more than 10%;
  • 32.6% of letters are opened during first 2 hours after sending; after 23 hours 75% of letters are opened;


  • Mean index of link clicking in letters is 0.17%-2.73%, average one is 1.6%. It is worse per 40% than last year index;

  • Statistics shows that the less is mailing list, the higher is index of opened letters and passes by links;


  • The best day for newsletter sending for getting maximal response is Sunday;


  • Short letter topics (less than 32 characters) are the most successful;


  • Personalized newsletter is more effective than usual one per 80%;


  • 247 billions of newsletters are sent every day;


  • 21% of receivers press SPAM button even if they know that it is not SPAM;


  • 43% of receivers press SPAM button as regards to sender’s name or his email address;
  • 69% of receivers pay attention to topic of the letter while pressing SPAM button;
  • 35% of receivers decide whether to open the letter by looking at its theme;
  • The shorter is letter topic, the more effective is newsletter;


  • 17% of people open email box every 6 months;


  • 30% of people change email address every year;


  • 80% of users of social network received SPAM messages inside the network;


  • 35% of people of highly intellectual work check their email boxes by mobile devices;


  • 44% of people subscribed for newsletter made at least one order due to advertisement in the newsletter;
  • If you optimize letter for different post clients and don’t use images in it, ROI may increase more than per 9%;


  • If IP address of sender is at least in 1 of 12 main SPAM-lists, index of letter deliverance decreases per 25%;
  • Email marketing is twofold more effective than any other type of Internet marketing;
  • The biggest amount of newsletters is sent on Sundays and Mondays;
  • Effectiveness of newsletters objectively decreases; index of opened letters and percent of clicked links decrease too;


  • Index of clicked links in text letters (3.24%) is higher than in HTML ones (2.73%);


  • The larger is amount of links in the letter, the larger is amount of clicked links. For example, it is 1.72% for 1-5 links, and 3,51% if there are more than 20 links.



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