Get more from your form submissions – start the newsletter!

Oh, you did know that !? We’ve got the newsletter feature that can boost your sales. In this blog post I’ll let you know how to use apply it, and I’ll also provide you with links to good resources to learn more about email marketing.

Lets start!

Step 1. Collect email addresses.

Before sending out emails you need to collect them. The first step is to create an e-mail field in your form.

Click on the “Edit” button in your form area on the ‘Forms List’ page and ensure that you have an email field in your form. If you don’t have one you should must create it to collect emails.


Step 2. Send newsletters.

Now when that you’ve got the email field in the form and a few emails submitted, you can start sending out emails.
Go to the forms list, click on the ‘Send Mail’ button:

Do I need to explain you the fields to fill-in?

To be sure you understand everything I explain:

  • Email to – here you select a source email field to send emails to (you need to do that if you have more than one email field in the form)
  • Sender Name – name that your recipients will see in their mailboxes.
  • Sender email - email that your recipients will see in their mailboxes.
  • Reply To - return email address for replies from your newsletter recipients.
  • Email Subject – subject of your message, you can use tags in it.
  • Message – text that people who submit your form will receive. You can use form field tags on the right of the message box to make it more personal. Click on the field tag to put it in the place of cursor.

Now that you have the message completed, click on the “Preview” button to preview it.
If everything is OK click on the “Send” button to send the message to all recipients.

Done! Thats all! Did you expect it to be more complex? It’s a really easy-to-use newsletter feature.

Please comment here regarding the feature and let me know how you’d like to improve it.

Things to read

And don’t forget to check out some interesting resources about email marketing:

Phew. My 3rd article is finished. Did you find it helpful? Feel free to comment on it.


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