Do Less and Get More from Online Surveys with Improved Form Elements

Good news for marketers, researchers, webmasters and all PHPForms users!
Now you can do less and get more from your online surveys and all kinds of web forms.
Our updates allow you to spend less time configuring element settings — we have adjusted them to your custom needs!

New Additional Elements

Take a look at ‘Additional Elements’ block in the form builder area. You will notice that it is expanded. Formerly you could use only a standard ‘Text Field’ for your respondents to submit name, email or postal address. Now there are separate customized fields for that.

  • Name

‘Name’ field consists of two horizontal columns for first name and last name by default. But if you want to make it applicable to a duke or a marquis, switch to ‘extend’ format and get four columns, including title and suffix.

  • Email

Visually it looks just like a standard ‘Text Field’. However, it accepts email addresses only. If someone enters any random text to ‘Email’ field, the form will not be submitted and error message will be shown.

  • Address

This is a very handy field for entering corporate or personal address. It includes columns for First and Second Address, City, State/Province, Postal/ZIP Code and Country. It is possible to disable any unnecessary column here.


Undo & Redo Buttons

Now it is easy to cancel any changes made while editing a form or resume them with new ‘Undo’ and ‘Redo’ buttons. That means, if you have deleted a form field wrongly, you can simply click ‘Undo’ and it will be restored. After that, if you still want to delete it, click ‘Redo’.

Customizable Survey Options

‘Radio Button’, ‘Check Box’, ‘Select Box’ and ‘Multiple Choice’ now have customizable options. which you can rotate, add or remove.

Radio Buttons and Check Boxes’ properties will allow you to set option direction — one, two or three columns. We have also added ‘Other’ option which is very often necessary in online surveys.


Multiple File Upload

Yes, you heard that right! Multiple file upload allows your form users to upload multiple files at once, and this feature is finally avaliable in PHPForms! Don’t forget to tick the ‘Multiple File Upload’ box in ‘Element Properties’ to make it active in your form.

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