Fresh Design and More Updates from PHPForms

We keep on improving our product for you and, hopefully, we will never stop doing this. Just a month has passed since the introduction of new features for users of both Free and Advanced plan.

Now we’ve got several more necessary updates to your attention:

Fresh Design

First of all, after logging into your PHPForms account you will notice that design and layout have changed a bit. See how it looks now:
PHPforms Design

We have modified the palette and emphasized all necessary buttons.

Postpone Form Submission

Your users can postpone form submission and then go back to it anytime.

Finish Later

A link to the form is sent to user via email.


Email Newsletters

You can now interact with people who once submitted your forms easily by sending them email newsletters:

Send Email

Upgrade Tab

We made it even more easier to upgrade to Advanced Plan for all existing users of Free Plan:


It can be done right from Upgrade tab in your Free account.



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