Email Marketing. Focus on Main Things

This article is devoted to the most significant things about email marketing.


Focus on Main ThingsBuilding of mailing list:

  • It is very important to have in mailing list only addresses confirmed by owners as for receiving messages from you.
  • It is desired to have field for email input on the majority of forms at your web site. It is important for quick increment of mailing list.
  • If you buy RSS advertisement but it doesn’t give necessary effect, try to place form for subscription at advertising page. So, you can get direct contact with potential client.

  • Sometimes the form “Recommend to friends” or contact form give good results. Email contacts are never extra, and it may bring additional traffic to site.

  • It is important to make your mailing list personalized. It is necessary to know person’s name for calling him directly and arousing a lot of trust. The person is sure that if he is called by name, he is known and this letter is not accident.

Letter sending:

  • Don’t send newsletters very often. Don’t annoy or irritate. It is enough to send it once a week or once per several days.
  • The best days for newsletter sending are in the middle of the week (Tuesday and Wednesday). If you send newsletter before week-ends, there is a high probability that your letter will be lost in a large amount of letters read on Monday. If you send newsletter on Monday, you likely will not get good response because on Monday people are usually busy with heap of work which was accumulated during week-ends. So, Tuesday and Wednesday are the best variants.
  • The best time for newsletter sending is the beginning of working day. So, the majority of users will receive the letter at the day of its sending, not next day.

  • Send newsletters regularly. Don’t do it time by time. It is necessary to call some kind of reflex from user and to make him waiting your newsletter. For example, you can send it every week or twice a week (at the beginning and end of the week), or something else. It will help you to gain maximal loyalty.


Newsletter text:

  • It is important to include instructions for unsubscribing to your newsletter to every letter.

  • The topic of the letter must fit its content.
  • Letter text must be accurately formatted, not very bright and suitable for reading.

  • All graphic elements of newsletter must be of high quality.


Effectiveness and analysis:

  • Amount of opened letters is not the most important parameter, don’t focus on it.

  • CTR is the main parameter if your newsletter is aimed for driving to act, for example for ordering, subscribing to service, registration in the system.
  • If your mailing list was not decreased after newsletter sending due to unsubscribed receivers, it means that you do everything right.

  • In general, while analyzing it is worth to pay attention at amount of opened letters, amount of clicked links in letters, conversion and amount of unsubscribed receivers.


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