How to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Email Marketing

Evaluate the Effectiveness of Email Marketing
Sending email newsletters is a great way to promote and stimulate sales. How can its effectiveness be evaluated? As for banner or context advertising it is easier: you can look at the number of passes to site and the number of sales. After that you calculate conversion on the base of this data, and that’s all!

How can we evaluate effectiveness of email newsletter? How can we evaluate feedback of some advertising block if all blocks were started approximately at the same time but in different email newsletters?

There are quite simple decisions of this complex question:

1) When you place a link in the letter you can add some additional parameter to it. You can add unique parameter for each separate newsletter. For calculation of statistics of references amount to some URL, you can place special script on your site. Is it simple? No, it isn’t.

2) Other variant is to use special services that allow email newsletters monitoring. Such services usually allow tracking who opened the letter, when it was opened, whether the link in the letter was clicked, etc.


The advantages of monitoring:

  • Amount and percent of subscribers who read newsletter. You can determine quantitative characteristics for each email campaign, such as percent of subscribers who really read it, who clicks links and what links are clicked. Index rates are calculated automatically; they are presented in suitable graphic format.
  • Distribution of subscribers by countries. You can determine exact ration of newsletter readers from different countries. These services use fresh databases of IP addresses that allow exact detection of receiver country. All this data is displayed in suitable graphic mode.
  • Distribution of time of newsletter reading. You can get detailed statistics by time characteristics of newsletter in control panel. It includes statistical data by week days, time of day etc.

  • Dynamics of activity. It is the opportunity to investigate change of interest of receivers as for email newsletter, how response is changed after its release, duration of its actuality etc.
  • Comparison of email newsletters by their effectiveness. You can compare any two newsletters by different parameters. The simplest way is to match them graphically and analyze effectiveness. So, you can work out the most suitable newsletter format.
  • Many other visual graphics.

Also such services may be used for personal correspondence. Really, it is interesting to know whether addressee opened the letter, when and where (what geographical point) he did it.


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