5 Advices of How to Enhance Newsletter’s Effectiveness

The most evident way to increase effectiveness of email newsletter is to conduct experiments on narrow groups of receivers for further analysis of results. Either you’ll get large amount of opened letters and clicked links or vice versa. And on the basis of results you can build some conclusions. You can make small changes in your newsletter and analyze their influence on its effectiveness.

Experiment process can be divided into 3 steps:

  • Make copy of email newsletter;

  • Make small changes in the copy (below are the details);
  • Send changed copy to a limited number of subscribers.

For example, if you divide your list into 5 groups of subscribers, you can conduct 5 experiments. You should analyze the number of opened letters and passes by links in every experiment. The higher is conversion, the more successful is newsletter. To get more precise information you should make the mailing list bigger. In this case the statistical mistakes will be minimal.

You can experiment with the following 5 factors:


1. Topic of the letter

If nobody opens your letters, the high quality of your text and its well-organized format don’t play any role. Your letter simply won’t be read. It is important to estimate what letter topic is more interesting to people. For example, if some of your previous newsletters were successful, and you had some special offers there, you can write this offer in the topic of the letter. Having sent the newsletter you will analyze indexes of opened letters and passes by the link.


2. Special offers

Often newsletters receivers become interested in special offers. You can experiment by suggesting % discount or price with $50 economy (discount is equal) and see what users like more. Also you can suggest free delivery or some gift.


3. Format of the letter

Place the links at the top and bottom of the letter (in the area that may be seen only after scrolling down). Check where conversion is higher. So, you can understand what thing is more important to be placed on the top: either detailed information or link to your resource.


4. Number of links

Place 5 links to your resource in the letter, estimate conversion. After that add 5 additional links. Compare results and make some conclusions.


5. Images

Remove all images and background from your letter. Compare conversion with graphic version.

Here we have shown you some simple experiments that may help you to improve significantly the results of your newsletter.



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