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Our latest updates are all about improving interaction between form admins and users. The new email notification system that has recently appeared on PHPForms can help you solve multiple tasks and save tons of time collecting data with web forms.

For example, you may want to know immediately when someone submits your form without logging in to your PHPForms account and checking out entries each time, notify your users via email about successful form submitions, display custom message to users or redirect them to a web page after completing forms. All of these options are now avaliable to you with PHPForms. We have made it as handy as possible to use our notification system.

First of all, find «Settings» button in your form list. Please note that your form must contain at least one field with «E-mail only» validation rule in order to enable confirmation emails sent to your form users.

After you click it you’ll be able to add multiple email notifications that will be sent to email addresses specified by you. That’s right, you will be able to receive all form submitions directly to your mail! You can set specific conditions when notifications are sent (for example, if a user fills a particular form field) by using «Ad condition» button. It is possible to edit sender details (name, email), subject, create custom message and attach files to notifications.

Add Notification
Confirmation emails are sent to form users who have entered their emails to your form. Besides editing your sender details and custom message like with email notifications, you can choose whether confirmation email will be sent immediately or with specified delay.

Confirmation Email


Thank You Page displayed to users after form submission can be an effective marketing tool as well. It allows you to show custom text and redirect your users to any web site.


Thank You


PHPForms is more than simply a form builder — it is the best data collection solution ever!



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2 Responses to Email Notifications

  1. tony says:

    The new email notification system doesn’t seem to be working properly. None of the names or emails in my form come through properly in the emails. I can’t change them in the settings. The tags don’t seem to be working.

  2. Email Notifications not working. I have tried so many different set-ups but no email is sent. Not a good system, will it ever work? Please let me know asap, as if not I will just move back to ZOHO as their email notification system does work!!!



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