How May Email Newsletter be Failed!?

email newsletter failThere is a great number of sites, articles and newsletters that give recommendations of how to enhance the effectiveness of email marketing. It happens very often that people suggest really wrong methods of email marketing optimization. Today we’ll consider this topic and describe several unsuccessful examples of newsletter organization.

Here are some things we recommend you not to do.


1. Don’t lie

“Earn 700 dollars a day!!! Working experience is not obligatory!!! Join club of millionaires right now!!!”. If you send similar messages, you’ll never gain success. Undoubtedly, this example is very hyperbolic. However, if you use phrases like “huge choice” and “the lowest prices” you may be accepted with mistrust, especially if you don’t have enough reputation and recognizability. That’s why, it is highly important to describe real situation in newsletters, not to exaggerate facts and be objective. In other case you won’t be accepted.


2. Missent newsletter

Most of companies working with email marketing are law-abiding and honest companies keeping strict rules and privacy policy. But there are some individuals who create missent newsletters or spammers who overshade the whole business. Your interest is keeping distance from them. Send newsletters on the basis of subscription. Don’t suggest ambiguous goods and services. Provide really qualitative content and services. Always give your subscribers an opportunity to unsubscribe.


3. Impersonal and purposeless marketing

Maybe, planning and personalization are the main things in email marketing after CTR and ROI values. Personalization doesn’t always mean pasting receiver’s name to email letters. It often means the necessity to know interests, needs and wishes of potential clients. And it means building friendly informal relations with your clients.


4. Unsuccessful collection and analysis of statistics

It is the most common reason of absence of desired results for the majority of email marketing specialists. Collection of statistics is very difficult and sometimes very expensive process which is highly important. Only statistics may show the best format for your messages, what marketing suggestions work and which of them give nothing, necessary frequency of newsletter sending and large amount of other useful information. Storage of this information helps to avoid problems and solve them quickly.



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