Email Marketing. Where to Start?

start email marketing
Many people who want to practice email marketing think about one thing: “Where to start?” In this case we can suggest them two solutions. In the first case, if you’ve got database of clients and subscribers, you can immediately start sending direct newsletters. In the second case, if you have no database, you should start to create it. Collect email addresses of your clients and users who subscribed for newsletter on your site.

After that plan your email campaign. There are some things about it that worth attention. The most important one is good planning. Format of your advertising is a project of your newsletter; it is very important, too. How can the content of your newsletter become more qualitative? Here are some advices:


  • Humor. If you want to establish good relationships with your audience, try to make them smile or call other positive emotions. There is a large amount of smart things in the Internet, such as images, jokes, video etc. Try to implement them in your business.
  • Motivate your audience to do shopping. The best way – is to suggest discount to regular clients, coupons, free offers, etc.
  • Holiday newsletter. It is very convenient to remind about yourself when some holiday comes. Send congratulatory newsletter to your clients. It will help you to increase clients’ loyalty and bring additional traffic to site. Also it may bring additional sales if you offer holiday discounts.


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