Email Marketing is Not SPAM but Tool for Business Development

Nowadays email marketing is considered to be one of the most effective tools of business development, sales support and keeping of direct contact with clients. It may be news for many of our readers what email marketings is; many people simply confuse it with SPAM (undesired mailing).

SPAM is obsessive useless mailing advertising of some sites, goods or services. User is not able to unsubscribe it, and it is very difficult to detect it because SPAMers often falsify names of senders. SPAM is sent to users who didn’t agree to receive this correspondence – and this fact is its main difference from email marketing.

Maybe, many people even don’t think about it, but SPAM surrounds us in day-to-day life. How often do you find advertising newspapers, booklets and brochures while checking your mail box? It’s also SPAM, and you didn’t agree to receive it. And the same advertising newspapers place program schedule of TV channels for calling some interest and avoiding irritation.

But we often read such newspapers, and advertisers continue paying money for ad publishing. Why is it so? Because the amount of such correspondence is moderate as opposite to SPAM. This fact has only one reason: it is cost of mailing. Just imagine money amount needed to pay for receiving of post ad mailing by end users. It consists of payments for services of designers, maker-ups, typographic services, delivering of correspondence to end user. You see, money amount is rather large. And what about SPAM mailing? It is not too expensive: SPAMer can create letter for mailing himself and use his own server for sending millions of letters.

That’s why every day we receive tens, hundreds and thousands of SPAM email letters. Many people don’t like it, and tens of anti-SPAM organizations have been created. There are a lot of commerce companies suggesting proper software for email protection. But up to now there are no ways providing 100% protection against undesired mailing. And vice versa, many tools consider usual letters as SPAM ones. Fight between adherents and adversaries. The former invent new ways to circumvent protection, and the latter fight with these ways.

And all these things are harmful for end users and email marketing specialists. Effectiveness of email marketing decreased because of SPAM. Now it is more difficult for users to distinguish SPAM from usual letters; letters continue being lost in large amount of undesired mailing, and marketing letters often fall within the scope of SPAM-filters. There are some recommendation for marketing specialists to avoid these filters, but they don’t give 100% warranty. Here are some of them:


  • you should send suggestion only to users who may really need it;

  • give users the opportunity to unsubscribe from your mailing. For this you should specify contact address of mailing coordinator or commands for post bot at the end of your letters;
  • don’t falsify name and address of sender, always mail honestly from your name or name of your company;

  • personalize your mailing for making each addressee able to read his name in the field “Whom”.


Also domain and IP of sender should not be placed in Black list and should not contain links to banned resources.

Besides developers of email form software suffer from SPAMers, too. Legal software doesn’t allow sending so many messages in short term.


Email marketing is not spam

What is email marketing used for? In general, it is used for informing clients and potential clients about releases of new programs, goods, presence of discounts and new suggestions and support of interaction with clients.

For example, you are owner of tourist company. You can significantly increase effectiveness of your business by email marketing. For this you can organize subscription to News via email address on your site. Majority of your clients have email addresses, so ask them to fill questionnaire while order execution where one of questions will be email address. In such way you can collect base of addresses of clients and potential clients. Further you can periodically inform your clients about presence of hot trip sheets, new tours and travels, stimulate the increment of number of orders.



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2 Responses to Email Marketing is Not SPAM but Tool for Business Development

  1. Rolv Heggenhougen says:

    In addition to the traditional email marketing (mass email) one should look at another marketing opportunity and that is the emails we all send from our corporate email addresses every day.
    The basic idea is to utilize the facts that all businesses have websites and employees that send emails every day. These emails can become complete marketing tools and help promote, brand, sell and cross-sell in addition to drive traffic to the website and conduct research.

  2. Bill Fralic says:

    At times I wonder if most people truly take time to produce something original, or are they really dishing out words to occupy a web site. This undeniably doesn’t fit that mold. Bless you for taking the time to compose with interest. Occasionally I browse an article and question if he or she even proofread it.Very good work with this post.

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