Answers to Questions about Email Marketing

Here are answers on some frequently asked questions.

email marketing answers

How often should I send email newsletter?

It is very difficult to give exact answer on this question. Frequency may differ for different business areas and different audience. The main task is detection of the most effective frequency of newsletter sending, and it is own task of sender himself. The only way is try-and-error method. It is necessary to conduct large amount of tests and analyze response received. It is very important to pay attention at the amount of opened letters, amount of passed to links in letters, direct profit. For getting true result you may need 3-6 months. But one exact fact is that newsletter must not be sent very often and very rare. An optimal variant is about once a week. But it also may be individual.


What type of newsletter is better: text or graphic one?

We think that text newsletter is better and give you some reasons of it:

  • Letter size. Graphic letter having big size has more probability to get under the action of SPAM-filters.
  • Graphic elements may divert reader from letter’s sense

  • Graphic elements may antagonize subscribers in the case of its low quality.


What profit may be got from email newsletters?

Size of profit depends on spent time, efforts and knowledge used for it. It is impossible to make initial estimation, but global statistics of email marketing show that each spent dollar returns 46 dollars. It is a profitable way of online marketing.


We want to take up email marketing? What should we start with?

Basis consists from the following steps:

  • Creation of mailing list. Qualitative mailing list leads to success, personalized list leads to the top of success.

  • Choice of way for letter deliverance. It may be special software or mailing services.

  • Competent creation of newsletter text. It is necessary to take into account many factors including right formulation of letter topic and placing the link for unsubscribing to newsletter.

  • Analysis of newsletter sending results and making corrections on the basis of received results.



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