E-mail Marketing Myths

Marketing Myths
This article is about the myths of email marketing. There are a lot of pseudo-specialists in email marketing who predicate some wrong things based on personal considerations, commerce interests or some subject reasons. That’s why here we will reveal some real concepts about it.

Email marketing is not effective any more

This statement is met very often. The main argument is large amount of SPAM received by users. But firstly, you should know how to tell SPAM from authorized email newsletter. Indeed, SPAM effectiveness is quite low thanks to anti-SPAM filters and because now people think negatively about the letters from unknown senders. But in case of authorized newsletters SPAM filters don’t block it, users have adequate reaction on newsletters from known services and sites. Results received by DoubleClick research group show that more than 60% of users placed orders after they have received newsletter.


Email newsletters cause harm to company’s PR

There is an opinion that if you send newsletters via email to small and middle business, clients will think negatively about your company, and their loyalty will be decreased. But if newsletter is qualitative and contains information useful for subscribers, loyalty will even increase. Data of DoubleClick research group shows that more than 67% of responders like authorized newsletters.


Clients will think that company is spamming

In this case it is necessary to explain the difference between SPAM and authorized legal newsletters. SPAM is a kind of undesired newsletters, and users did not give their consent to receive it. Legal newsletters are based on the user’s consent to receive letters. That’s why, if client confirmed to receive newsletters when he placed an order or performed other action at company’s site, further his relation to newsletter will be considered positively. IMT research group has data showing that more than 80% of users don’t like SPAM, and 78% of responders asked while research of DoubleClick group like newsletters of companies whose clients they are.


The more often – the better

There is a belief that if newsletter has brought a good result, it should be repeated. But if you disturb people with your newsletter very often, it may lead to an opposite reaction. The best solution is to send newsletter no more than 1-2 times a month.


Non-targeted newsletters are effective

It is wrong to think that if you have a big and qualitative mailing list, quality and content of sent information is not important. Newsletters must be qualitative and for target audience. In the opposite case respond will be low, and loyalty of newsletter receivers may suffer.


SPAM-filters will block the newsletter

There is an opinion that newsletter may be blocked by SPAM-filters of post services. But SPAM-filters are able to differ legal newsletter from SPAM. You can get to black list only after several complaints from receivers.



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  1. archon says:

    I agree with you 100%.I speak from my own personal experience when I say that email marketing is the most effective marketing strategy out there. It takes only little time to set up and it has the biggest return for the money invested.
    All you need is a good email template go get you potential new customers interested in to opening the email and a good email database with opt-in email addresses that you can gather on your own or purchase form an email list provider.

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