Direct Mail

Direct mail had existed for a long time before Internet has appeared. In some period it was one of main advertising methods.

Direct Mail

Nowadays its significance decreased because of competition with other advertising methods, such as TV, Internet, external advertising. Nevertheless we often find free newspapers, brochures, booklets, catalogs, leaflets while checking post box. It means that direct mail didn’t lose its value and advertisers still see great potential in it because direct mail is not cheap and its cost is much more higher than the cost of email marketing.

But CRT of direct mail is higher than CRT of email marketing. We delete insistent advertising in email box by one mouse click and in the case of direct mail advertising we often bring it home and read. Even if we don’t read it purposefully, we put it on the table and after that sooner or later it will catch our eyes. Some people like to read advertising leaflets, they often contain useful information.

If we hear advertising via radio or watch it on TV, we often have no time for writing down contact information. Direct mail is suitable because it contains all contact phones and addresses. If client is interested in it, he will obligatory ring up, he will not have to look for company’s contact data in reference book.

A big plus of direct mail is the opportunity of receiving detailed information in catalog or letter. We can see full list of goods and services provided by company, its advantages and prices. We cannot receive such volume information by radio or TV.

Direct mail gives company an opportunity to inform potential clients about new good or service. Also you can congratulate client with some party, suggest him to take part in seminar or conference. You can provide a discount to client as a gift.

Direct mail is very useful in marketing research studies, such as studies of conjectures, demand for new good etc.

Direct mail is divided into address and addressless. Address mailing costs more than addressless one because in this case sender has other tasks that require more efforts. But this method is more effective than usual mailing because of target audience.

As any other direction of marketing, direct marketing requires tools (software) for process optimization and automation. Here are some possible particularities and opportunities of these programs:

  • management of proper client base;

  • opportunity of flexible personalization of printing;

  • data import from many sources including databases and Excel;

  • opportunity of printing on different types of envelops and blanks;

  • integration with software for fax handling;

  • flexible opportunities for handling and sorting of client lists, i.e. via email forms.


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    when i started reading i assumed it was going to be filled with boring info, but actually it came out to be really useful. bravo!

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