10 Ways to Avoid SPAM Button

Sending email newsletters may be quite legal, but you can get into SPAM lists in some servers. Very often the reason is pressing SPAM button by newsletter receiver. When this letter is transferred to appropriate folder, your email address goes to black list.

It is quite easy to avoid this problem. Here are 10 simple and clear advices:




1. Don’t send newsletter to people who didn’t give evident consent to receive it.

2. Don’t send newsletter to old addresses got by you long time ago. It reminds the situation when you meet familiar person whom you haven’t seen for a long time at the street and start asking whether he remembers you.

3. Send newsletter regularly. Don’t make long pauses between newsletters, but at the same time don’t send them too often. The main thing is to make users recognize your newsletter and favor it.

4. Define yourself clearly in the field “From”. Write name of your brand or company. Then the receiver will recognize you and, of course, open your letter.

5. The topic of your letter must be connected to its content. Don’t try to cheat receiver and call his interest by letter topic that doesn’t fit its content. Letter topic together with the content of field “From” should be remembered by receiver and become a synonym of interesting newsletter.

6. Add several sentences at the beginning of the letter. Write in these sentences that this letter is sent to receiver because he had subscribed this newsletter and specify where the link for unsubscribing is placed in the letter.

7. Ensure that the letter looks professional and splendid. See advices for letter formatting.

8. Link for unsubscribing to newsletter must be located in easy to find place. Also the process of unsubscribing mustn’t be difficult.

9. Place a link for unsubscribing at the top of the letter. It will significantly decrease amount of complaints to newsletter, especially from new subscribers.

10. Never send newsletter to people who unsubscribed it.


These 10 advices will help you to avoid a great amount of complaints and getting into black lists of post servers.


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