10 Advices for Increment of Email Marketing Effectiveness

Here are some advices that will help you to organize effective mailing. Some of them are evident, some of them can help you to simplify work, some of them will bring you success. But we recommend you to follow these advices. In opposite case you won’t get positive results in email marketing.
10 Advices for Increment of Email Marketing Effectiveness

1. Subscription to mailing

If you send mailing to users who didn’t subscribe it, you can do harm both to your brand and your company. We don’t recommend you to use only check box for subscription to email. It is desirable to use two-level system which will require email address confirmation before placing it in mailing database (it is easy to do using form maker software).


2. Sender’s reputation

If you often sent large amount of email letters via smtp of Internet provider, you can fall into his disfavor. It happens more often if your messages are processed by SPAM-filters. As a result, provider can block mailing and send letters to bulk. That’s why you should handle request of address deleting from mailing list in the time of its receiving, avoid getting to black list and give reaction to SPAM complaints.


3. Cleanup and analysis of mailing list

Delete duplicates, incorrect, obsolete addresses from your lists. You can do it manually, but it is better to use special programs working with lists.


4. Use authentication technologies

Some providers use methods that allow to detect mail senders to block SPAMers. For this they include special signatures and classifiers to letter, such as Sender ID, “whitelisting”, SPF Classic. Ask you provider to tell you about methods he supports. Letters without signature may be blocked, filtered or sent to bulk.


5. Test before sending

HTML letters containing images, background and other graphics may have different appearance in different email programs and email web based services. That’s why it is desired to send test letters to different services: AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo, Google etc. It will help you to detect whether the letter has good appearance in different services and whether it will be blocked by SPAM-filters. If it is blocked you can change content of letter, delete images or attached files.


6. Establish reliable relations

Ask minimum information while registration. Include in mailing only information mentioned in subscription. Reliable relations are very important.


7. Respect private life

Write and give an opportunity to users to get acquainted with Privacy Policy.


8. Give your subscribers what they want and what they need

Subscribers must have opportunity to control everything; in opposite case they can simply unsubscribe from it. Give them opportunity to choose mailing format (text or HTML), its frequency and content.


9. Add administrator’s functions to each letter

Give your subscribers opportunity of managing their subscription and your contact information. Add this information at the end of each letter.


10. Test several times

You are ought to test not only deliverance but also attributes that have influence on effectiveness. For example, you can define the day of week with maximal number of response emails or define what letter topic has more influence on the result.



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  1. I would like to stress the importance of step 8. You are required by law to provide a way out of email subscriptions.

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