Get more from your form submissions – start the newsletter!

Oh, you did know that !? We’ve got the newsletter feature that can boost your sales. In this blog post I’ll let you know how to use apply it, and I’ll also provide you with links to good resources to learn more about email marketing.

Lets start!

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How to send personal confirmation emails


In this blog post I’ll show you how to write personal confirmation emails (some people call this feature autoresponder).

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How to send email notifications to more than one person

Note: This is my first post and I would be happy to hear your feedback!

So you need to send multiple email notifications to more than one person based on a specific field selected by a visitor in a contact form on your web site.

Here is my example of how these notifications will be sent depending on the question type selected in the form:

General requests will go to
Bug issues will go to
Sales requests will go to

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What Automated Online Survey Stats Can Tell

To create online survey is half the work when you need to conduct some research. When your survey is finally built and sent out to respondents, you have solved only one problem, which is gathering data. But another critical problem is analyzing all this amount of information received from respondents, especially when you have large focus groups, complicated or long-lasting surveys. It can be really time consuming to summarize entries by each field manually. But certain kinds of online survey statistics cannot even be retrieved manually at all. Considering the above, it is better to use online survey tools that provide you with automated statistics so that you are able to track real-time results, know where respondents come from and how quickly they complete a survey, etc. Let’s see what automated online survey stats can help you know:

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Do Less and Get More from Online Surveys with Improved Form Elements

Good news for marketers, researchers, webmasters and all PHPForms users!
Now you can do less and get more from your online surveys and all kinds of web forms.
Our updates allow you to spend less time configuring element settings — we have adjusted them to your custom needs!

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Essential Steps to Create Professional Online Surveys

Online surveys are used by numerous businesses and non-commercial organizations to collect data. It is evident that online research allows to reach considerably broader audience than old-fashioned print questionnaires. However, since online surveying is devoid of personal «eye-to-eye» contact, it can very often be failed or lead to poor output. It is not easy to persuade a person that you don’t even see to complete a survey. Normally, you have less than a minute to do that after a respondent opens it. This means, professionals should make their surveys more appealing to respondents, so that people not only want to complete them, but get back for results.

The following steps will help you learn how to compose professionally looking online surveys from initial idea to visual design.

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Find Us on the World Map of 6,886 Web App Logos

Have you ever thought about how many web apps there are in the world? Well, enough of them to compose a world map at least.

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Announcing the Winner of Contest for Our New Name: ASKRZ.COM!

A couple of weeks has passed since we started a contest for a new name of our service. We have received over 1000 name suggestions and now we are happy to announce the winner:!
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Email Notifications


Our latest updates are all about improving interaction between form admins and users. The new email notification system that has recently appeared on PHPForms can help you solve multiple tasks and save tons of time collecting data with web forms.
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$150 Contest: New .com Domain Name Wanted!

PHPForms is coming up to a new phase of its evolution. So, we are announcing contest: suggest a new name for our product and win $150!
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Fresh Design and More Updates from PHPForms

We keep on improving our product for you and, hopefully, we will never stop doing this. Just a month has passed since the introduction of new features for users of both Free and Advanced plan.

Now we’ve got several more necessary updates to your attention:

Fresh Design

First of all, after logging into your PHPForms account you will notice that design and layout have changed a bit. See how it looks now:
PHPforms Design

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What’s New on

Our team has been working hard to provide you with the best online form creator ever! And now we have prepared a New Year gift for all our dearest users of PHPForms!

Advanced Plan

Finally you can enjoy enhanced usage of our service according to your needs due to Advanced plan!

And just like free plan, no installation required!


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Survey Fields – Create Surveys and Polls with PHPForms

Ladies and gentlemen, we are pleased to announce new features added to PHPForms hosted version:

Survey Fields

Using survey fields in your forms you can create any complicated surveys and polls that you probably could only dream of!

  • Star rating — users can vote with stars (you can set up to 16 stars per field);


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Effective Email Notifications

Email Notifications
Email marketing is not limited by email newsletters. This area is polyhedral, and there is a great number tiny details. Some of them are discussed in this article.

Every day we receive a big number of email notifications and often pay no attention to them. But they are a very powerful tool for marketing specialists because it is an extra cause to remind client about yourself, to suggest additional products or services, increase his loyalty.

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Global Facts About E-mail Newsletters

In this article we offer you the most interesting facts about email newsletters. Some of these figures surprise, some of them delight, and some of them disappoint:

  • About 11,2% of letters are opened by receivers; decrement in relation to the last year is more than 10%;
  • 32.6% of letters are opened during first 2 hours after sending; after 23 hours 75% of letters are opened;


  • Mean index of link clicking in letters is 0.17%-2.73%, average one is 1.6%. It is worse per 40% than last year index;

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How May Email Newsletter be Failed!?

email newsletter failThere is a great number of sites, articles and newsletters that give recommendations of how to enhance the effectiveness of email marketing. It happens very often that people suggest really wrong methods of email marketing optimization. Today we’ll consider this topic and describe several unsuccessful examples of newsletter organization.

Here are some things we recommend you not to do.


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5 Advices of How to Enhance Newsletter’s Effectiveness

The most evident way to increase effectiveness of email newsletter is to conduct experiments on narrow groups of receivers for further analysis of results. Either you’ll get large amount of opened letters and clicked links or vice versa. And on the basis of results you can build some conclusions. You can make small changes in your newsletter and analyze their influence on its effectiveness.

Experiment process can be divided into 3 steps:

  • Make copy of email newsletter;

  • Make small changes in the copy (below are the details);
  • Send changed copy to a limited number of subscribers.

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Answers to Questions about Email Marketing

Here are answers on some frequently asked questions.

email marketing answers

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Can Email Newsletters Do Harm?

There are some cases when email newsletter may do harm. Main one is sending SPAM newsletters. When users did not give initial agreement to receive newsletters, and you send non-authorized newsletter on behalf of your company using corporate style, it is a SPAM. It may either attract attention to your proposition or antagonize them forever.

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